Best Famous Christmas Dinner & Foods All Over the World

Christmas Dinner & Foods

Christmas Dinner & Foods List

Holidays that are full of complexity are never comfortable or fun. This is the time of year you spend with family and friends. And although each country celebrates Christmas differently, they all have one thing in common – eating together and having dinner together is a big part of the festivities. However, each country has its own traditions when it comes to food and drink. Here are some traditions and Christmas food from around the world.


Swiss Food for Christmas

When you think of Switzerland, the first things that come to mind are mountains, forests, and winter sports. As the first avalanches begin to fall, the country turns into a beautiful winter wonderland. And that’s when the Swiss people started getting the famous Fondue. The dish is easy to put together (basically just melting the cheese with a shot of cherry wine and chopping bread for dipping in it) and having fun at a Christmas party. And who doesn’t like cheese?

Canada is known to be very cold in winter. So, what better way to warm up than by drinking a mild drink? Hot red wine with added spices or tea, whiskey, rum, and lemons. And the kids will have a cup of hot, non-alcoholic apple cider. There are different versions of casual drinks that Canadians like to drink while relaxing by the fireplace.


German Food

The tradition of planting Christmas trees is not unique to Germany. Also, Gotlind, a fruit bread consisting of nuts, dried fruits, and spices, coated in icing sugar, and a baked Christmas cookie from traditional Lebkuchen, Gingerbread, comes from Germany. Is. For example, you can find these items in over 1,000 Christmas markets across the country. Nevertheless, you would find the best Lebkuchen in Nuremberg, where they were invented. For dinner, many families are eating roasted goose.


Japanese Food

What seems strange to most of us is the following Japanese tradition: Holding KFC for Christmas dinner. This is not fun! It all started with a holiday marketing campaign, inspired by the Western tradition of Turkish food. So, every Christmas since the 1970s, Japanese families have lined up in front of the famous fast-food chain restaurant to get their fried chicken.

Celebrating Christmas from December 8 to January 6, Bellpace really knows how to keep the holiday spirit alive. Of course, food cannot disappear. One of the most popular Christmas treats is Pantone, a cake with candied fruit, raisins, and nuts. It can be eaten with a cup of special, sticky hot chocolate, cioccolata densa.


American Food

Ice skating rinks, giant light displays, and festivals. The United States has so much on the menu to offer you! Also, in terms of food, they all go inside. Christmas or Christmas Day dinner consists of turkey with hearty ingredients such as stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables. A special invitation is Eggnog. It is a mixture of eggs, sugar, and cream, often flavored with nutmeg.


The United States is not the only country that eats turkey from different sides during the holidays. It’s really common in the United Kingdom too. Also, part of the dinner is the British Christmas pudding, among others, consisting of thirteen ingredients, symbolizing Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. Traditionally, a silver coin is inserted into it, as is said to be the fortune of the person who seeks it.


Australian Food

Ever seen Santa surfing? This is as common in Australia as Santa pulls a polar deer into his slag. And since Christmas is in the middle of summer on the other side of the world, it makes sense to change the roast turkey. In general, the Australians work best – an Australian BBQ grilled sausage, burgers, steaks, and prawns, salads, and plenty of cold beer. For dessert, there are ice cream and fruit. Those barbecues are always a fun way to return with family and friends while enjoying the sunshine.

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