There is no doubt that Udemy is one of the most famous and well-known online learning platforms in the world. But with such infamy, people have rather conflicting perceptions about the site. In this Udemy Review 2024, we are going to analyze and see which of the claims are legit and which are complete blunders and is Udemy worth it.

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We’ll start talking about the Udemy platform briefly. What Udemy is, what is the purpose of the platform, and so on? You can never analyze any online learning platform without knowing it, can you? Once we are familiar with the platform, we will further go for Udemy services, courses, learning experiences, and customer reviews on Udemy courses.

And finally, we will go to the conclusion on whether Udemy is a legit platform for learning and teaching or not.

Let’s Begin with Udemy Review 2024

  • A Huge Courses Variety
  • Easy Navigation
  • No Technical Problems
  • Cares About its Users
  • Internationally Recognized Certification
  • A Lot of Discounts
  • Pricing is a Bit Confusing
  • Feedback Can Missguide

Udemy Review 2024: Intro

As everyone knows, Udemy is a core educational platform. It was developed with the desire of providing new things to people for learning online, the people who can not reach their desired education.

It was founded in May 2010, 11 years ago, and is the biggest e-learning platform in the world today. With over 25 million students enrolled in thousands of courses, Udemy has been dominating a huge margin of the online learning marketplace.

If you are a student, you can go to the Udemy website or application, sign up, pick the right course for you, and start your learning journey. There is a large variety of courses to make a choice from, but the majority of them come in the industry of IT or business development.

If you are a teacher, you can register yourself as a Udemy instructor and start providing your courses to people on the platform. Whenever someone makes a purchase for your course, you might get a good margin of the revenue. The payment is paid out via PayPal or Payoneer. You must pay attention to your Udemy online course review in order to get more purchases.

Ease Of Using

There are a lot of different forms to use as the starting point of Udemy review 2024 to figure out if is Udemy worth it. The best starting point is the usage probably, which indicates how easy it is to use Udemy and how to navigate through the platform.

To find the answer to the question “Is Udemy Legit?”, we have to have a look at the Udemy landing page. You can find it from a Google search or the direct URL.

The page provides you with quite a decent look. You can see a Udemy promotional code banner, a courses list, and some of the reviews for Udemy at the page bottom. The layout is quite great, and it doesn’t confuse you at all.

When we talk about Udemy course page UI and seeing is Udemy legit on this point, you can navigate between categories and subcategories that you can find in the drop-down menu, or you can make a search into the Udemy search bar.

Once you have picked a course that you want to start learning, You will find that the page designated for this course is quite general and not unusual at all. You will find their course preview, overview, pricing, course instructor, Udemy online courses review, etc.

Keep this in mind, this is not considered to be a bad point for this Udemy Review! A generic and familiar page can be overwhelming. It avoids confusing you and gives a feeling of friendliness.

The process of checkout is quite simple. You just have to add your favorite course to the cart, sign in(if you are not signed in or registered), choose your payment method, and yay! Start learning.

Overall, Udemy offers you a pretty great experience when it comes to user navigation on the website or app.

Quality of Content

One of the most important aspects is the quality of content when it comes to Udemy online courses review. Quality is a huge factor when we think of an online learning platform.

More often than that, if you look at reviews on Udemy courses, you would catch mixed opinions going around. The truth is the majority of people say that the Udemy courses are really worth it. However, you will barely see the claims on Udemy courses saying they do not offer good quality.

It is not possible to check out the quality of all the courses at Udemy. However, there is a crucial point to consider. All the Udemy instructors market their courses themselves. So, none of the instructors are going to talk badly about his or her Udemy course.

Udemy itself should have a system to determine the quality of course content, right? Well yes or no?

Udemy claims that they have more than 100 thousand courses that you can choose from. It’s straightforwardly not impossible to say that the company checks the content quality of such a number of courses. But, it would be fair to say they check the majority of the courses, guessing from the quality of courses out there.

Courses Pricing

The most important question is the pricing of courses at Udemy. This is probably the most significant problem a company like Udemy may face – it is always difficult to find a link between customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Let’s see if the company has figured it out.

As Udemy has stated on the Student FAQ page, Udemy does not itself price their courses, the instructors themselves do this job. This means that all the course prices you see when you view a course are determined on the website by the creators of the content. One anomaly to that rule is promotions – both the instructor and Udemy can offer their promotions with discounted prices and tags.

The common pricing on the website does make sense. The prices really do differ. The courses having tougher subjects, information, and longer screen time tend to be more expensive than its equivalent.

Free courses are also there to be taken, depending on your interest point. One thing to be mentioned, free does not necessarily equal bad. A course you see can be on a promotion, or the instructor is offering it for free in order to build his or her name into the market. This is a simple way to increase awareness and the number of students. Although, you have to have a look at reviews for Udemy courses and look at what people have to say about them. This could be eye-opening for you.

Udemy Features

It looks like an unexpected point. Udemy offers courses, damn it! What other features does Udemy have? Well, in our Udemy review, features that are related to the actual functionality of the website like the quality of the video player, additional things that you will get for signing up or enrolling in a Udemy course, etc.

So, we will check if is Udemy legit on this point.

Talking about the technical stuff. We find no bugs or issues in the user interface, video player, navigational, and downloadable content. They are quite instinctive and do not crash, or cause any big problems. Although, some of their users point out some technical difficulties in reviews for Udemy.

When you purchase a course from Udemy, you get lifetime access to that course, some of the courses are downloadable, and provide you the certification for completion.

The feedback is one of the struggling points. A ton of Udemy reviews include complaints about the fact that they sometimes do not receive answers to certain questions.

Most of the time, the instructors are answering the questions and interact with the students. Furthermore, it’s unexpected to think that the staff at Udemy could manage to answer all the student’s questions. There are more than 30 million students/users on the platform.

Learning Experience

Finally, let’s talk about the learning experience. This is the really crucial aspect to be covered. Since everyone’s learning experience depends on different factors, the actual course they have chosen to learn, general mood, internet connection speeds, expectation management, etc. However, there is always a general agreement on how fun and valuable learning is on the platform.

The Udemy platform offers instructors some advice about learning quality and student management. It seems that companies do care about what their users and students want their will to improve the learning experience.

Generally, students seem to be pleased with their experiences. Sure, students are still wondering if is Udemy legit and good. And who are leaving negative reviews on Udemy courses, but that’s quite inevitable. It’s generally impossible to please everyone.


An online learning platform that aims to educate and teach a large number of people from all over the world. Whenever such websites have wise intentions and are focused on their actual visions and goals, they are always welcomed by the community.

We hope our Udemy review 2024 was a bit helpful for you, and now that you have learned something new about the Udemy platform and its functionality. We wish you Good Luck!

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