Vellabox Review 2022: Brighten Your Life with Vellabox Candles

Vellabox Review

June’s Vellabox included one of three beach-inspired candle scents, and I received the scent for those looking for a woody note in their candle! I also received a bonus beauty item to keep my skin hydrated. I’m testing out the Vivere Box, which includes a 16-ounce candle and costs $38 a month.

Vellabox Pricing

Living Albright Coastal Fog Scented Candle ($45 for a 14-ounce candle in a ceramic jar) This candle is made with soy wax and a phthalate-free fragrance. It is also one of the best-scented candles I have ever received. This candle is almost masculine, with warm notes of palo santo and cedar, but also notes of amber, smoke, sandalwood, and coconut. Not only does it smell wonderful when it’s on my coffee table, but the scent lasts a very long time when it burns! It’s a comforting scent, and the coconut keeps it from feeling like a fall day.

Three Ships Dew Drops Serum ($15) The bonus product this time around is a mushroom-based hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C from the persimmon. It is supposed to plump up the skin and improve its radiance. It also contains aloe vera and coconut juice. It is applied after cleansing and before a moisturizer and can be used twice a day. Their serum makes you feel like you are using a thin gel and ends up drying to a non-sticky finish.

Vellabox Candles

I couldn’t be more pleased with the candle I received from Vellabox and Living Albright! The scent is great, I love the warmth and comfort it gives off, like sitting on a bungalow porch watching a bonfire on the beach. The scent spread nicely to the area where it was burning and was noticeable, and sometimes I can smell it even when it’s not burning when it’s just sitting right. The bonus item was also interesting because the skin can get dry in the summer due to wind, chlorine, and salt water.

Final Verdict

Vellabox is a monthly subscription to natural candles. The candles are always available in seasonally inspired scents and are made by America’s finest artisans. Each box contains a different brand of candles. The candles are sourced from small businesses and are made with all-natural wax, woven cotton wicks, and high-quality fragrance oils. Vellabox also includes a surprise gift in each box. Depending on the size, you can choose from three boxes. When you sign up for Vellabox, you must select the candle size and fragrance group you want. You can choose from the Lucerna Box ($18), which contains a 4 oz candle per month, the Ignis Box ($28), which contains an 8 oz candle per month, and the Vivere Box ($38), which contains a 16 oz candle per month. Each tier receives an additional gift, U.S. shipping is included, and all offer significant discounts for longer subscriptions.

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