There’s no shame in trying a new style, and the best way to look boldly beautiful is to experiment and start with new options.

Instead of piling up the costs to try something new, start smaller with Bellelily and fashionable and affordable options. With an endless list of women’s styles to suit current and older trends, this brand does everything it can to confidently create new looks with its pieces.

Unfortunately, this brand does not have a huge online presence through social media. Their Instagram currently has over 6k followers and the numbers are growing by the day.

They aren’t letting their lack of coverage stop them from finding their feet and loyal customers as this business continues to move forward, producing more content and inventory to style.

Overview of Bellelily:

I’ll be the first to admit that there is a lot of mystery in this brand’s name. I was unable to uncover the names of the owners or founders or even the history of the business itself. What I have found is a solid mission statement of empowerment.

Fostering women’s confidence and success through original and fashionable designs, this brand is all about women’s fashion, accessories, and home furnishings that not only add to a style and space but make it their own.

Working with affordable prices, the one-stop shop wants to redefine our relationship to dressing and fashion, so that women understand that power and confidence go hand in hand with the clothes we wear every day.

Need more information? To properly round out this Bellelily review, I’ve found a few highlights that I feel are worth sharing before diving into more detailed aspects of the business.


  • Wide range of women’s fashion, decor and accessories
  • Affordable prices
  • International delivery
  • Fast delivery

Bellelily Clothing Review:

Bellelily Fail Review

I cannot write a Bellelily Clothing review without actually examining the clothes offered by the brand. So I’ll quickly review some of my favorite pieces to showcase some of the styles offered by the company.

Who is Bellelily For?

This means that their women’s fashion range includes a variety of styles and sizes to give women a comfortable choice that goes beyond the usual ideas of fashion. This brand is accessible to anyone who wants to explore women’s fashion at an affordable price.

Easy to use, with lower costs and a wider selection, there is a lot to love about this store. I know that affordable brands might be seen as a bad thing these days, but I would argue that they are the best to start with when determining style.

It’s cheaper to experiment and find new looks, so Bellelily saves you money and stress if you want to try a new style.

Is Bellelily Legit?

As far as I can tell from this Bellelily review, this brand is legit. I have observed a few fake reviews and comments of customer dissatisfaction online, however, the brand itself is honestly run from its manufacturing facility in China.

Are customers always satisfied? No. Is it still a legitimate business? Absolutely.

Bellelily’s Refund Policy:

Something doesn’t look or feel as you expected. Don’t worry – just send things back within 7 days of delivery. The process takes no time at all:

  • Email customer service with the reason for the return, order number, and item number (all returns must start with an email or they won’t be accepted).
  • Customers will receive a follow-up email with the return address.
  • Repack the products in the original packaging and send them to the warehouse.
  • Wait up to 10 days for a refund based on the original invoice.

Contact Bellelily:

Bellelily makes it incredibly easy to get in touch. All customers need to do is contact you through the following contact methods:

Facebook: Send a Facebook message

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