I often feel at a loss when it comes to my children and technology. Technology can engage and motivate children in ways our parents never imagined (and maybe they would have drowned in front of us). And yet, seeing my daughter in front of the “CoComelon” cartoon makes me want to be completely off-screen. So when I tried the Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch, I had no idea how I would feel.

On the one hand, it’s another screen-based device that catches the attention of my preschool-aged daughter attention and often firmly. On the other side of the story, most of the smartwatch’s applications as well as the activities are designed to either test its brain or get it on its feet. The Little Tobi 2 Robot Smart Watch is complete with the lively robot that laughs and cries and demands to play with it – literally walking with activity and game ideas – it does it all. And when I found the Tobi 2 robot smartwatch, like many of the best children’s smartwatches, more suited to children’s toys than school supplies, I couldn’t completely ignore some of the significant benefits.

New Little Tikes Tobi 2 Review 2022

The Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch really stands out on both sides of its name. It’s a smartwatch for children that has the ability to track footsteps, encourage you to run around, take pictures and send messages. It also has most of the routine functions you put on a smartwatch, including a timer, alarm, calculator, and calendar. But his personality – and, oh boy, what his personality is – comes from the Tobi Robot face. The Tobi Robot can spin through more than 100 impressions, often speaks nonsense, demands care, and plays with gestures like vibrating and clickable thinking bubbles that lead to the activity menu. Is. It made me remind of the digital pets that were popular back in the days when I was a kid.

Little Tikes Tobe 2 Robot Design

Like most kid-friendly tech, Tobi Robot 2 is deliberately big. At approximately 1.5 inches by 1.75 inches, the face of the LED touch screen isn’t much bigger than the face of a typical smartwatch in itself, but the housing around it is stretched to accommodate metal flappers that Tobi Robot Attention Shows on demand (reminds me of pinball machine). A 3.5-year-old little girl, who is still a little too young to use the watch completely on her own, likes it whenever it comes out of the wings. The silicone band, which is available in bright colors like red and purple, is 1 inch wide and has 10 rows of holes that allow tight and loose fit. It spreads to fit my wrist and became too tight for the 3.5-year-old girl’s wrist. The back of the face is transparent, allowing children to see the inner workings of the smartwatch.

There are two onboard cameras, both capable of capturing 640-480 pixels of photos or 320-240 pixels of video. The first camera, on the face, is animated and primarily for selfies. The second, along the upper edge, is the P.O.V. The camera is better for taking footage of the rest of the world.

A physical button under the face lets children toggle between screens – from Tobi’s face to the clock to a menu of available functions. Below this home button is the micro USB charging port. It also includes a color-coordinated case with a clip on the backside that allows the watch to be attached to a belt or placed on a bedside table.

Little Tikes Tobi 2 Setup

The Tobi 2 robot has an instinctive setup of the process that puts parents into control. Hold down the Menu button for five seconds to wake Tobi. Select your language, and then set the date and time using the scrollable menu on the touch screen. Then cycle through the set of alphabets, numbers, and symbols to change each unit and name your device. A passcode can be set by the parents if they want to turn on Wi-Fi to let it talk to other Tobi 2 watches and limit their child’s screen time. I chose about an hour. When my daughter crossed the line, the clock locked her games and stopped showing Toby’s face until the passcode was entered.

Once set, it was game time. If you’re on the clock screen, you can swipe to choose from over 50 watch faces — a kind of game in itself. My daughter, of course, went with the rainbow face, but the options range from simple analog clocks to desert landscapes to themes with dogs and cats. Meanwhile, on the Applications menu, four options appear simultaneously, and you can swipe between the four screens. It lets you do everything from taking pictures to checking your memory to tracking your steps.

On the Tobi screen, you can interact with the talking robot. The Tobi robot will show its icons with each activity idea, and if you’re on this screen the robot won’t stop bugging you until you’re 25 seconds. For many children, this means that Tobi will not stop until the child – or, face it, the parents – decides it is time to turn off the clock completely.

Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch Features

Following are the characteristics of a smartwatch overflowing with characters.

Mindless Fun with Mind Games

Tobi 2 comes with four educational “brain games” and four “arcade games”. Mental games include “Smash Math”, in which players touch the correct solution of the equation, and “Match Match” which tests memory. Arcade games are included with “A-Maze-Ing Balance”, in which players guide colored balls through holes, and “Drivin ‘Time”, in which players collect tokens and try to avoid crashes. Games can be controlled with a touch screen as well as motion control via a built-in gyroscope. Games are fun and easy to play; most of the time.

Tobi Introduction

The Tobi 2 Robot is literally the face of the clock. Digital Friend is definitely fun and fast, but I would lie if I had to say that the little robot never came under my skin. When the watch is set on Tobi’s face, the robot delivers over 100 impressions; from a clever smile and a charming smile to a blink of an eye. Tobi behaves like a digital pet. Icons appear with Toi’s needs – Tobi may be hot, cold, hungry, and in need of brushing his teeth. Like my daughter, think of it. And if you do not meet Tobi’s requirements, you will be notified. For example, before Tobi felt cold and needed a hot water bottle or scarf, I offered to play football. He nodded and nodded. Tobi also advises dance parties and shows a step tracker, encouraging the wearer to walk or run. The gamified approach is definitely effective for fitness. But as with any helpful but slightly annoying friend, it’s best to just hang out in small amounts.

Well, Shoot

Like many great children’s smartwatches, the Tobi 2 robot smartwatch can shoot videos and photos. The Tobi 2 watch is applicable to store up to 3,000 photos and up to 30 minutes of video. It all sounds granular compared to what you shoot on the phone, but it is more useful for an elementary school child. In addition, you can create images with digital borders and stickers, such as an outer space frame and an ice cream cone sticker.

Power Up the Tobi 2

Little Tikes claims that the rechargeable LiPo battery is able to last anywhere from five days to a few hours, depending on usage. By comparing it, the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX can last anywhere from two weeks to a single day, depending on usage. You can check Tobi’s charge on the quick menu view, and a yellow light lets you when it’s time for the plugin.

Who Should Buy Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch? Should You?

If you’re hoping to divert your elementary school student’s attention from TV to a screen that promotes greater engagement and active participation, the Tobi 2 Robot Smart Watch can be an effective distraction. Toby Robot is definitely a charming charming character, and many built-in activities will work your child’s brain or force your child to exercise in a fun, innovative way.

My honest guess about this smartwatch for kids is that when kids want to play with Tobi Robot instead of just playing games, parents will want to run out of the room after a few minutes. Robot clicks and coos and laughter abound. But then again, when I try to brush her hair or put on her shoes, my daughter always tells me, “Go away, Daddy.” So maybe with the Tobi 2 robot smartwatch on my wrist, I wouldn’t bother to deport him verbally. And at least when I walk out of the room, I like the fact that the smartwatch that calls for her attention keeps her health and fitness in mind. “CoComelon” on the other hand.

Happy Coco n Deals!

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