When was the last time you looked at your makeup bag or medicine cabinet? Even for someone who likes to take care of themselves naturally, I can say it’s been a while. There is a misconception that clean beauty products are more expensive – and less effective – than traditional products. While this may be true for some things, the damage is already done. Once we find a product we love, we often have a hard time switching to a cleaner, healthier alternative. Even if that one is better for our health.

As a Hello Glow contributor, I’m always on the hunt for the safest and most effective beauty and wellness products. One of the first things on my detox list, year after year, is my cosmetic bag and skincare collection. Telltale ingredients are sneaky, and just because a product claims to be “natural” doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden toxins in the ingredient list.

But don’t worry, “clean” doesn’t mean you have to settle for charcoal eyeliner and beet blush. When it comes to clean makeup and skincare, just leave out the big offenders and reap the rewards. Carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and known irritants like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum, mineral oils, and sulfates have no place in your beauty arsenal. By ditching them, you can take care of your health without sacrificing quality or cost.

The Best Natural Beauty Products for Every Budget                            

1: Herbivore Brighten Instant Glow Mask

Herbivore’s Brighten Glow Mask contains fruit enzymes, rice powder, and Brazilian tourmaline gems that gently exfoliate the skin and give it a fresh, natural glow. I apply it three days a week in the morning (I even use it as a moisturizer and don’t rinse it off), and my skin looks radiant all day. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way and is worth every penny.

2: Earth to Skin Tea Time Green Tea Toner

The price of natural beauty products may seem daunting, but Earth to Skin puts clean ingredients and natural beauty agents (like pumpkin enzymes, green tea, and Manuka honey) within reach of most people. With most products costing $10 or less, you can revamp your medicine cabinet from top to bottom without thinking twice. My favorite? The green tea toner, but I also love the Super Fruits Citrus Day Gel-Cream – both are moisturizing and smell great.

3: Cleen Beauty Vitamin C Papaya Glow Serum

Most serums are a bit more expensive, but this glow serum from Cleen Beauty does exactly what it promises – it practically makes your skin glow. I also love that it’s clean under makeup and gentle enough for super-sensitive skin. Simply put

4: Yuni Light Seeker Glow Facial Oil

On days when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, a good facial oil can make your skin look perfect even without makeup. Unlike other oils, Yuni Light Seeker Glow Facial Oil gives the skin a soft, dewy look without making it greasy or too shiny. Just apply three to four drops to fresh skin for a flawless, breathable glow.

5: Not Your Mother’s Naturals Royal Honey and Kalahari Desert Melon

Shampoo and conditioner are two products we often forget about when reviewing our beauty routine. But they are also the two most toxic products in our bathroom. Not Your Mother’s Naturals products are 100% free of sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, gluten, and synthetic dyes while still leaving your hair clean, soft, and healthy.

6: Pacifica Eye Bright Undereye Vitamin C Spot Serum Mask

Even when we try, we don’t always manage to get more than eight hours of sleep a night. A concealer can help, but what you really need is a product that will brighten your eyes (and make them look less puffy) in less than 15 minutes. Pacifica’s Eye Bright Undereye Vitamin C Spot Serum Mask is my favorite because it contains cucumber, aloe vera, and seaweed to brighten dark circles and hydrate sensitive eye skin.

Thank you for reading! Coco n Deals

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